18. Hamburg Congress on sports, economy and media, 3. and 4. September 2018

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The 18th International Hamburg Congress of Sports, Economy and Media is going to take place on the 3rd and 4th of September 2018 at the University of Applied Science Macromedia Hamburg.



Title of the event: The Value of Sports – Ideas and convictions for the future


Doping, structural gigantism, growing commercialization, scandals about corruption, a lot of people disapproving of events like the Olympic Games – Sport as one of the main systems in our society has to explain itself increasingly.

On the one hand values of sport such as fairness, health, physical performance, international interaction, playful ease, tolerance and to set a good example remain to be positive aspects, on the other hand the above mentioned examples and problems tend to overshadow this sense of sport.

One explanation could be the fact that sport as a part of society is more and more demanded: education, health, national representation, promoting tourism, international interaction, urban development, integration of refugees, inclusion of disabled people, etc. Simultaneously sport has to justify itself when it comes to its big events and the connected entertainment industry, being criticized for the costs, breaking rules and corruption. The role of the responsible organizations, agencies, media companies and authoritarian countries is disputed.

A fundamental localization of sport in society has to established: What is its own value? What kind of values and effects do main events have on society? Is there still a stimulating relationship between local clubs and international organizations? How does the over 100 years old model of competitive sport contribute to the development of a global society? What sort of role does the media industry play? Why and how should society support and promote sport and its events financially? And how can society give sport a sustainable and convincing idea and moral foundation?


Value and perspective of sports


The following questions raise implications through different perspectives:


Sports: it seems almost impossible to find an overall definition of this word: There is a growing misbalance and inequality nurtured by the distinction between successfully commercialized sports, minority sports and individually operated fitness sports. Currently e-sports and engine powered sports (drones, robots) are established as another phenomenon – competitive online games query sports value on a fundamental level. What is the meaning of sports in a globally digitalized world?


Economy: German sports are financially supported on many different levels but also have to pay taxes themselves. On the one hand cities are supposed to assist main sport events financially, on the other they want to benefit from those events. Should society keep on investing in the systems of sports?


Education / Health: Sports should set a good example in society, they should connect different countries politically and contribute to the health of the people in order to relief the medical system through prevention. How should sport meet those requirements keeping the growing distinction in mind?


Media: Massive amounts of money are spend on the (live) reporting of sports, proving that only main sport events can attract bigger audiences to the media. The industry is accused of setting up fixed performances, portraying sport in a nationalistic way and scandalizing events, athletes and representatives. Does sports journalism need to preserve or change the values of sport? And how will global platforms and digital communications take part in this?


The Value of Sports – Ideas and convictions for the future


The 18th International Hamburg Congress of Sports, Economy and Media invites sports scientists, politicians and managers involved in the sport business, journalists and architects, historians, economists, town planners, sociologists, and other experts to engage in an open and interdisciplinary conversation about the future of main sport events.

It has never been more important to legitimize sports and its organizations in a moral and social way, especially in a year where the football world championship and the Olympic winter games are taking place. The international congress 2018 wants to contribute to this matter.



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