Scheduled program (stand 25.08.2017)

MONDAY, 04.09.2017





      Arrival and accreditation

– Coffee, Tea, Softdrinks etc.




Opening  by Scientific Board and welcoming speech by Christoph Holstein, Secretary of State at Ministry of Inner Affairs and Sport, Free City of Hamburg


 10:00am 10:30am: KEYNOTE  1

Prof. Dr. Christoph Igel and Dr. Carsten Ullrich

–  German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence (DFKI) – Berlin, GER

THEME: “From learning to doing. Can artificial intelligence and the internet of things improve education?”


10:30am – 11:45am:



Rebecca Gebler-Branch

–  Ghostthinker – Augsburg, GER

THEME: “Blend it! and turn your event program into one that your participants are actually interested in!”

Prof. aso. Jose Luis Roja Torrijos

– University of Sevilla – Sevilla, ESP

THEME: “Accountable sports journalism: creating a gateway to  showcase ethical codes, stylebooks, ombudsmen and beyond”

Timothy Robeers

– University of Antwerp – Antwerp, BEL

THEME: “Communicating green motorsport: a framing analysis of environmental sustainability in live TV coverage of Formula E”

Summary and panel discussion, moderation by: Björn Witte


coffee break 


12:00am – 12:30pm:



Prof. Dr. Raymond Boyle

– University of Glasgow – Glasgow, UK

THEME: “Sport, Media and Digitalization”


12:30pm – 01:45pm:



Prof. Dr. Jose Herranz de la Casa

– University of Castile-La Mancha – Cuenca, ESP

THEME: “Virtual reality and 360º video in a local medium: a case study of El Deporte Conquense in Spain”

Till Wewer

– Leuphana University Lüneburg – Luneburg, GER

THEME: “Budget constraints as link between sports economics and e-sports? An analysis of the development of Hamburg’s total of attendance to  professional sports  and potential lessons learned for e-sports”

Mario Leo

– RESULT Sports – Büdingen, GER

THEME: “Digital evolution, digital communities, eSports in sports organizations”

Summary and panel discussion, moderation by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Horky




lunch break


02:45pm – 03:15pm:



Dr. Galen Clavio

– Indiana University, IACS – Bloomington, USA

THEME: “Sports Events 4.0 – The Virtual Reality of Sports”


03:15pm – 04:30pm:



Dr. Sandra Alspach

– Ferris State University, IACS – Big Rapids, USA

THEME: “The “Digital Stadium” Project at Ferris State University: engaging undergraduates in authentic research in sport and Social Media”

Dr. Ann Pegoraro

– Laurentian University, IACS – Sudbury, CAN

THEME: “Sport, technology and new media”

Dr. Lauren Reichart Smith

– Indiana University, IACS – Bloomington, USA

THEME: “International Association of Communication and Sport organization overview. Research on the virtual reality of sports in the U.S.”

Summary and panel discussion, moderation by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Horky




coffee break


05:00pm – 05:30pm:



Paul Keuter

– Hertha BSC – Berlin, GER

THEME: “Brand Strategy & Digital Transformation of Hertha BSC”


05:30pm – 06:45pm:



Robert Zitzmann

– Jung von Matt/sports GmbH – Hamburg, GER

THEME: “Disruptive sports – Best cases from Jung von Matt/sports, Germany’s most awarded sports marketing agency 2014-2017”

Sven Busch

– Olympic Channel – Madrid, ESP

THEME: “The Olympic Channel…because 17 days is not enough”

Fernando Borges

– Lusofona University – Lisbon, POR

THEME: “Always together: how soccer clubs want constant connections with fans”

Summary and panel discussion, moderation by: Prof. Dr. Thomas Horky


closing words 


common dinner  (location will be announced)



TUESDAY, 05.09.2016


09:00am – 09:30am:


      KEYNOTE 5

Prof. Dr. Markus Breuer

– SRH University – Heidelberg, GER

THEME: “E-Sport – Role model for traditional sports or just another hype?”


09:30am  – 11:00am:



Henning Eberhardt

– SPONSORs Verlags GmbH – Hamburg, GER

THEME: “Should football clubs invest in eSports now or is it an overrated hype?”

Arne Peters

– former Vicepresident ESL – Munich, GER –

THEME: “The sports of the digital generation”

André Fläckel

Lagardère Sports Germany GmbH – Hamburg, GER

THEME: “eSports as economic factor”

Peter Lemcke and Dr. Ina Weh

THEME: “eSports should be played in school“ – the “eSchool“ project by DGS”

Summary and panel discussion, moderation by: Axel Sierau




coffee break


11:15am – 12:15pm: 



Prof. Dr. Barbara Stelzner

– DJI GmbH – Frankfurt am Main, GER

THEME: “Unleashing your imagination. Using innovative aerial imaging technology to enhance story telling in the field of sports communication”

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hebbel-Seeger and Prof. Dr. Thomas Horky

– Macromedia, University of Applied Sciences – Hamburg, GER

THEME: “Drones in academic apprenticeship. Regarding to expectations and consequences for a up-to-date education in sports journalism and media management”

Frank Wernecke

– DroneMasters GmbH – Berlin, GER –

THEME: “DRONEMASTERS – Sports as an innovation driver for an emerging industry”

Summary and panel discussion, moderation by: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schulke


lunch break


01:15pm – 02:30pm:


PANEL 7 – RoboCup

Dr. Elsa Kirchner

– German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence (DFKI), University of Bremen – Bremen, GER

THEME: “Intuitive interfacing in robotics and assistive devices by embedded brain reading”

Dr. Hans-Arthur Marsiske

– author and journalist – Hamburg, GER

THEME: “RoboCup – Its history, future prospects and societal relevance from a spectator’s perspective”

Dr. Ansgar Bredenfeld

– Dr. Bredenfeld UG – Magdeburg, GER

THEME: “The RoboCup German Open competition series”


02:30pm – 03:00pm:



Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner and Dr. Sirko Straube

– German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence (DFKI), University of Bremen – Bremen, GER

THEME: “Robotics & Artificial Intelligence”

Summary and panel discussion, moderation by: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schulke




Young Science Award




  Closing of the 17. Int. Hamburg Congress

Summary of results by n.n.